Welcome to Glenmere Morgans, in beautiful Eureka, Montana, just miles from the Canadian border.

Glenmere Morgans started as a dream in the heart of a little girl growing up in Upstate New York. From the first time Lisa encountered a prancing, proud Morgan horse, she was hooked! In 1985, Silverdust Robin became the start of the dream. Four generations later, we have an established breeding program of Western Working, Brunk, and Government blood, with strong contributions from East of Equinox and the immortal Beamington. Through our palomino stallion, Glenmere Sierra Gold, we have added the cream dilution, resulting in lovely foals in many colors, including Palomino and Buckskin.

The presence, enthusiasm for pleasing people, and sheer beauty of the Morgan breed have captivated people in America, and now worldwide, since the 1700’s, when Figure, the breed’s founder, took New England by storm. Durable, economical, and tough are some of the less “picturesque” descriptions for our beloved Morgans, but undeniable nonetheless. Proud, charismatic, high-stepping, breathtaking, stunning, people loving, smooth riding, bold- these are words we hear frequently about our horses.


We truly are blessed to be living our dream, enjoying the beauty of Montana with our best friends, Morgan Horses. Whether in the saddle, in the buggy, giving lessons, or watching a foal take its first steps, life would not be nearly as great without Morgan horses in it.

We invite you to breed your good mare to one of our stallions, or to take one of our Morgans home, and live your dream. Please enjoy our web site, and contact us with any questions or comments.

“There are Morgans, and then there are all other horses”


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